Vibrational Library - Imagination Empowerment Audio Meditation

Vibrational Library - Imagination Empowerment Audio Meditation

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Experience imagination's power to explore your subconscious and gain knowledge already within. 

Meditation and visualization are two ancient-future technologies for self-improvement and self-understanding. Athletes are known to use imagination techniques to see themselves performing optimally, generating improvements in live action. 

In this Vibrational Library, you will discover your own information storehouse to obtain insight. Specific breathing methods will carry you deep into trance, the state necessary to cultivate authentic change.

Explore books, read intuitional pages, realize hidden wisdom. 

Once created, this library is yours to venture whenever you need to reveal inner knowledge. 

- Improve confidence

- Improve connection with your body

- Hone your intuition

- Discover what you truly want

- Develop composure

- Enhance creativity

- Cultivate self-reliance & self-trust

- Downloadable MP3.