The Survive & Thrive Handbook for College Students

The Survive & Thrive Handbook for College Students

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Feel like your degree might not be worth the time or money?

Trent worked in education management for seveveral years and his experience helped him realize there was a gap in his students’ development; they grew academically but completed programs weak in human life skills and struggled with steps to create a professional package. Without appropriate personal development, he understood, graduates would possess a degree but lack the wisdom to know how to effectively apply the knowledge in their lives. Often this creates the “I graduated, what do I do now?” feeling.

But what if there were sources available to students, where they could develop professionalism, relationship-building skills and gain a head start in their vocation while having fun? What if these sources already existed on the campuses they attended each day but were overlooked? If these sources were a special key, what if they could open more doors of opportunity if they knew how to find and use it?

Trent recognized the missing key was the Student Government Organization, the campus life. Students did not know who their peer leaders were. They lacked internship experience and how to navigate campus conflicts. And they took for granted those experiences most freshmen can’t wait to get over with, like New Student Orientation.

Trent saw these experiences related to campus activities, building networks and taking specific courses were vehicles to honing transferable skills for the “real world.” The result is this handbook, written based on Trent’s personal experience and belief that students can rebuild value in the college experience by investing in student life.  

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